Chinese Herbal Medicine

In recent years, the UK Government has bowed to the lobbying pressure of the pharmaceutical industry and has outlawed the use of well-established pre-prepared, or ‘patent’ Chinese Herbal remedies. These cheap, safe and (as testified by many of my patients) immensely effective medicines, can no longer be legally purchased in the UK. In doing this, the UK Government has done an immense disservice to the health of the nation.

Accordingly, I am no longer allowed to provide the affordable help so desperately needed by so many people; instead, they have to rely upon ‘branded’ chemical drugs provided to the NHS by the pharmaceutical industry at about £8 billion a year. (reference:

“Medicine is ruled by drug companies whose primary motivation is profit. They distort the entire system, they fund the research, they (indirectly) choose the professors - in effect they rig the system. Until people realise what a distorted, corrupted place the health system and medical 'research' is, then we are not going to get the best out of it.”

Dr Daniel Keown, THE SPARK IN THE MACHINE (Pub. Singing Dragon)

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