The ancient Chinese Daoist philosophy, of living in harmony with nature, can provide a calmer and healthier lifestyle through its three tenets of Acupuncture, Qigong and Herbal medicine. In 2005, Paul Underhill created these three elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine in ‘Gateway to Health’ to promote the benefits of increased wellbeing to the community as a complementary service to their normal healthcare. 

'Gateway to Health' is a centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine serving the communities of Settle, North Yorkshire, and its surrounding areas.

As from May 2017, Paul will not be taking on any new clients.  

For other Chinese Medicine Acupuncturists in the area, please consult the British Acupuncture Council website.  Included are:

• Genevieve Hurst - Kikrby Lonsdale - tel. 07962 992117
• Hannah Reade - High Bentham - tel. 07846 663438
• Ellena Cohen and Angela Pegg - Skipton - tel. 01756 796690 

"Traditional Chinese Medicine is a system of thought and practice that has been developed over two millennia. Based on ancient texts, it is the result of a continuous process of critical thinking and extensive clinical observation. Its material is thoroughly respected by clinicians and theoreticians; however, it is also firmly rooted in the philosophy, logic, sensibility and habits of a civilization entirely foreign to our own and has therefore developed its own perception of health and illness.”

Ted Kaptchuk, Author of “The Web that has no Weaver”